Yup, I Think I’m Panicking

at the thought of


this is who i am forever,


this is my empty bed,

this is my empty Sunday,

these are my empty clothes on the floor,

and this is my empty bathroom,


no one is snoring or drooling on my pillow,

no one came with me to the park while i sat and read by the fountain,

no one else has left their clothes on my floor,

no one is brushing their hair in my mirror,


this is my empty night forever,


and that is the sound of me panicking,

no one looks at me the way i look at the street photographs of New York

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Dream Girl

i have these dreams,

where a long haired woman is in my bed,

i shut the window to keep the breeze out,

and crawl back in,

she turns over and kisses my head,

we fall asleep again,


are you out there?

maybe not,

but i’m calling out for you,

can’t you hear me?

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A Simple Sacrifice

the cup

the coins


whiskey glass,

two nothing talismans from an irish whiskey bottle,



squeeze coins in hands,

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A Simple Spell





the coin,

the cup,

the girl

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A Slightly Less Simple Dream

i was picking raven feathers out of my hair,

i was barking at the cats on the street,

i was laughing at the tough guys in the bar,


when a girl with yellow cat’s eyes

asked what i was up to,


then i had eight paws with talons on them,

then i was flying over as she walked on the beach,

then i washed up on shore naked

but with all my human body bits,

she sat down and rubbed my bald head,


“You all-right?”

“Not all.”

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A Simple Dream

there is a City far away,

too far to walk,

but visible at from the corner of your street,


there was a young boy,

that walked home alone each day,

except for a small black kitten,

that followed him,


thankful for the company,

he would leave the window to his room open,

and a saucer of milk on the sill,


each night,

the kitten would slip in the window,

drink the milk,

and fall asleep purring beside the boy’s pillow,

just as he put away his book,

and shut the light,


then one night,

the boy fell asleep waiting for the kitten,

he woke the next morning for school,

and found the milk, warm, still in the saucer on the sill,

and the kitten was not there as he walked home

that afternoon either,


he slipped out the window that night,

and went looking for the kitten,

as the light strips in the brick walls shone

on the road tracks,

and the vents puffed steam into a fog,


he had nearly given up hope when he saw the kitten

sitting on a stoop beside a girl just older than him,

with white hair and luminous yellow eyes,

the kitten mewed to him,


the young boy approached warily,

and waved,

the girl gave him a warm grin,

and waved back


from then on,

the girl, the boy, and the kitten,

walked everywhere together,

in their mornings, afternoons, and nights.


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For a Brief Shining Moment

i’d lie in bed,

and a beautiful, intelligent woman

would hold my face,

and say that everything would be fine,

that i wasn’t so strange as i felt,


she is gone again,

and i am stranger than ever

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