Tooth Pick When Teeth Come Down

it’s the sound you get

when you can hear me go on

a paranoid rambling about people

that want nothing to do with me anymore,

because of a difference of purely academic ideals,

and systems of critical theory,

raving inside my 2nd grade response to this

with the old “i don’t want to hangout with you either”

while something very small dies inside,

and if you can hear it,

then it’s only because the chimps have figured out

the latch,

taking over the motor controls to my mouth

and i’ll need the locks changed on my brain

before i go into work tomorrow morning

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Shark in the Water

i am alone on a Saturday

so i go to a bar on the Black Horse Pike,

and spend more money than i have in my pocket

to waste 3 hours talking to the dark haired

bartender with tattoos.

she’s very pretty,

wearing stripes,

crossed arrows in the crook of her arm,

two anime women connected at the hair on the other,

ravens flying on the right shoulder,

she might love hockey, but she may just like being tipped,

she says me playing deck hockey as a kid is adorable,

she has brightly colored eyes, but i can’t remember

if they are emeralds or blue orchids,

her top is black and white stripes,

and her hair is pulled back in waves,

the way i picture the perfect woman would have them,

this bartender walked out of one of my dreams

a few months ago,

but i don’t tell her,

that would be uncool cool cool,

so i let it slide,

the way all things do when they aren’t worth saying,

right down the back of my throat,

after the Guinness,

i leave and ask her name,

she asks mine, shaking hands,

her name is Nichole,

and she is very pretty,

i tip her well, and

do not ask her number,

because she is at work, and that is impolite,

since she may just be doing her job,

i leave, wondering

if the next time i go in,

i should be impolite

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Insult for the Inclusive Age

strap in,

strap on,

fuck off

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Let Me Strap On My Carefree Attitude




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She’s Buying a Funeral Outfit

she doesn’t want me to feel brushed off,

but here comes the broom,

at least i’m “really very sweet”,

perhaps she’ll let me give her

a tooth ache

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Load Me

chamber by chamber,

shell by shell,

pour me a drink,

build me a personal hell,

cocking me like a rusted

shut shotgun,

she says

“Where would we be if I hadn’t left you there?”

“I dunno, here, but a year earlier?”

she puts the music back on

and pokes the teeth marks in my shoulder.

it fucking hurts

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I WAS a Little Tea Pot

i sat whistling on your stove top,

nobody came to cool me down,

now i’m a bit light headed, and it

is frankly starting to worry me

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