ideas for expanding


the wounded become sadists,

hypocrisy in the hearts of wounded humanity,

Coyotes running senseless in the Obsidian City,

sleeping in a lap on a Sunday morning,

“Just doing my time.”

Looking inward for insight,

out where the empty night is god,

and the clean stars burn

where ever the sky touches us.

it touches us all

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informs the other

i’m too excited to lie down,

but i’ve been waiting all day to dream,

hoping to take a little bit more imagination

home in my pockets by morning

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sleep tight

she sprayed my pillow with her perfume before she left,

I find her long hairs on my coat,

her lipstick on my wine glasses

I wonder if she is still sleeping in my shirt

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the Nebulous They


its funny isn’t it?
I went looking in my head for who “they” were.
I only found me.

then of course there are plenty of people that want to tell me I shouldn’t listen to society, and that I have to think outside the box,

with the same breath, they want to put me in a box of their own

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Hey Hey John Boy (I See a Light)

hey hey John Boy,

won’t you dry your eyes?

do you still see the darkness?

with the kinds of thoughts we got,

the shadows are tall,

but those lamps bright,

we laugh some nights,

in our bellies,

i’ve seen you smile,

we are lonely,

but we fall in love,

there are wonderful people in this bleak world,

and they shine like river stones,

and the bland rain washes us clean,

i take my medication,

i swallow my medicine and i shine

i go to sleep,

but i dream,

my best unbeaten brother,

the darkness is no longer

all i see

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It Becomes Need

i like,

i dig,

i need you;


many nights driving alone,

losing bits of myself out the open window,

howling until my voice was raw in the

morning, when you offered me shelter,


a soft place to lie my head,

in your lap,

and i offered you the passenger seat,

which you took, smiling

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Last Night

there was a spider climbing a windowsill in Brooklyn,

looking for shelter from the pitter-patter night.

it had hairy little fangs and bony legs,

with beady pleading eyes

and a big ugly abdomen that would have waddled

if not for the extra legs.

it sat in the corner of the sill spinning a web

so thin the wind nearly carried it away,

and as it spun it watched an old man sit back in his

armchair, smoking a hand rolled cigarette.

The man looked up,

saw the spider, and reached for a slipper on the floor,

but when he bent down, he came eye to eye

with the pathetic little thing,

watching the ends of the unfinished web swing in his breath.

He sighed, sat back down, and fell asleep reading a book instead.

In his dream, he was hounded by mosquitoes,

running through the streets for his life and what remained of his blood,

until he turned the corner,

quickly he stepped to the side,

and watched the mosquito swarm fly into a web.

The pathetic little spider sat off to one side,

with a smug satisfied smile,

having a smoke.

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