2 Months

bills paid,

fresh ink,

car full of gas,


for 2 months i had it all.

damn it.

i want it back damn you!

i want the job!

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Some of Us Don’t Have the Blues

some of us don’t have the blues,

it’s not really their fault,

it takes two intersecting worlds

to color a mind or soul,

first, you

need a porous heart,

almost a sponge,

willing to take in and hold onto something,

just was well as it pumps out

and burns up the fuel it is given,

it needs to retain the taste,

the kind of heart where things

really stick to you,

second, the blues

need to come knocking for you,

maybe the fridge is empty and you go

to bed hungry,

or the police take away your father,

maybe he left when you were little,

or maybe he’s the night shift and has to sleep

through your childhood just to keep a roof over your head,

maybe the school yard shits are cruel to you,

perhaps drugs dragged your friends to the early grave,

or you got drunk and just pushed them all away,

maybe love crushed your spongey heart in their hand,

hoping it would break and they could leave you behind,

that you would just get another

the spongey heart survives,

it takes the blues in and changes.

we carry the same heart, heavy with water

so blue it blushes at the sight of

the sea.

but some of us get old swimming in green water,

under blue skies in clean air,

most of us have hearts of porcelain that shatter,

they go to a China Shop downtown and get replacements,

they never get the blues.

I almost feel sorry for them.



they just disgust me.

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warm noon,

ShopRite parking lot,

windows down,

clean blue sky

i never realize how much i love

the sound of gulls,

until it is March,

and they are cooing

over spilled fries

on the McDonald’s handicap spot

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Slides Inside

bad love,

accepts an invitation,

makes itself at home

where we are soft,


and vulnerable

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If You’re Going to Be Brave

if you’re going to be brave enough to

ask a gift from the profane,

then you should be brave enough to

accept it when they deliver

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Saturday  Shift Blues

I’m not even

mid-shift, but I want

a rice crispi treat

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Late for a Very Important Date

i wake up at 1,

shower and shave by 2:30,

dinner at 5,

but i’m already starving,

something small,

i hope

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