I Hear a D Minor Chord

with my lonely little heart forever,

but aren’t i in love all the time?

always talking to someone new?


maybe they’re all the same person to me,

slipping into the same role like a prom dress on rent,

i’d forget it, but i can’t

because “the radio’s on”

and i love love songs,

but this is asinine of me,

it feels good the way

it must feel good to howl out to the cold careless crescent moon,

letting the miles around you know you’re lonely,

with an empty belly,

and your fur is dirty,

but if i could,

i’d keep your smile in my wallet,

i’d play guitar to your songs,

and i’d hold you while we slept.

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I’m a Groan Man

and i can go to bed whenever i want to,

i think i will go early tonight

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What do the Cards Say Man?

Ace of Wands,

Seven Swords,

Queen of Wands…

all of this me roiling and boiling around for eternity

made concise at the pointy edge of my brain,

then my Queen will step in,

i already wrote this story

she cried when she read it,

“too beautiful”

the Queen is dead,

long live the Queen.

and then i fall for it all over again

with someone new,

long live the Queen.

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i’m type type typing,

but the audio book has me drive drive driving

out to Denver,

out to San Francisco,

out to Mexico,


and back again,

and out,

then back,

racing time itself,

and winning because I know time,

time is just made up anyway.


and i sit there typing away,

data becoming light,

trying to catch up to the light of my eyes,

that becomes data again behind my



the job gets done,

and i drive home feeling like

i’ve walked all the way over this country,

dragging my body behind me,


i sleep an hour early

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There’s a Blue Jay in My Yard

I’m at the kitchen sink
scrubbing a bowl for breakfast

out the window,
Autumn dumps a gray fog
over Connecticut

Blue Jay hops out of a tree
lands on the porch
bright as the morning is dull

I talk at him
through the window

“hey man,
look at you,
all that style”

he hops out into the trees,
bright blue in
what’s left of the
blood red leaves

what style

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“There Was a Time When You’d Let Me Know”

it is frustrating,

the baffling number of women

that have never heard Hallelujah

ringing in their ears,

their hearts, or in their finger tips,

i hum,

“the 4th, the 5th”

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“You Don’t Really Care for Music, Do You?”

“Of course I do!

Who doesn’t like music?”

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